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Continental Janitorial Services is a professional window cleaning company for all property types in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Goleta and the Santa Ynez Valley. We specialize in cleaning hard to reach windows. We have been in business since 1975 and our supervisors and project managers have all been with us over fifteen years, and are both knowledgeable and friendly.

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Continental has been offering high quality, prompt, friendly, reliable and professional window cleaning services to its customers for over 40 years. We will always come prepared with the necessary window cleaning equipment needed to get the job done. We offer free window cleaning estimates, outstanding service, high quality work and competitive prices. We are insured and bonded. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed and we encourage feedback from our customers. We look forward to hearing from you!

We offer Green Cleaning for windows using Seventh Generation products.

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Why is it important to clean your windows professionally?

Windows let in that beautiful natural lighting during the day, block out the weather and provide us with spectacular views of our outside world. Windows are some of the most appealing parts of your home or business, so why not keep them sparkling clean? We’ve gathered some of the most important benefits to consider when deciding whether or not to get your windows cleaned professionally, or to get out the sponge and soap and do it yourself.

Protect From Irreversible Damage
Often times dirt and debris can cause permanent damage to your windows. When you get your windows cleaned you can stay ahead of damage and stains while keeping your windows protected. Professionals can also inform you if they see anything that needs to be addressed.

If your house is more than one level you can avoid pulling out the ladder and risking your safety. In most cases, it is better to hire a professional with experience on the ladder to get your windows looking brand new again.

Curb appeal
If your windows are clean your home automatically looks that much better from the outside. Whether you are trying to have a well kept home, or sell your home, or make a good first impression on your customers, getting your windows cleaned professionally will boost the curb appeal.

Quality Cleaning Guaranteed
Although some of us prefer pulling out the sponge and deep cleaning our own home, the rest of us tend to cut corners because we would much rather be doing something else. When you hire professional cleaners it is guaranteed that your windows will be done right without cutting corners.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to clean your windows like a pro!

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